The Playlist Generation


Every brand needs a defined musical identity. We conduct a brand analysis by researching existing brand documents and materials, holding interviews with key executives and evaluating consumer research. This brand analysis results in a Sonic Identity, or unique musical voice, that can be delivered across all facets of the brand experience.
Case Study:
The Standard Hotel Music Program
We offer 24/7 background music services based on intended clientele, branding objectives and activity patterns. We pair our extensive knowledge of music with cutting edge technologies to create custom playlists for clients that are programmed in accordance with the time of day and desired level of musical interaction.
Case Study:
Lucky Strike Lanes Background Music
We offer creative and brand saavy music supervision of all communications including television ad campaigns, feature films, video games, web programming, sales materials, instructional videos and any additional marketing touchpoint.
Case Study:
ABC Network Music Supervision
We conceive of and execute innovative online and interactive marketing campaigns which feature music at their core. We creatively lead and manage the completion of web-based music widgets, mp3 download stores and website soundtracks as well as procuring exclusive content for these campaigns.
Case Study:
Jaguar's XF Flash Drive Project
We select music designed to capture and enhance the mood and energy of live events. We collaborate directly with clients to arrange for brand oriented live DJ services and we deliver playlists designed specifically for the event based on crowd, purpose and location.
Case Study:
Ferragamo's Walk of Style