The Playlist Generation

The Playlist Generation offers a 24/7 web-based Background Music Service based on a brand's sonic identity and business patterns. Once the sound is established, we generate custom playlists unique to the time of the day and update clients monthly to keep their content fresh and appropriate for changing seasons, holidays and special occasions.

In April of 2003, the high-end bowling company Lucky Strike Lanes opened its first location in Hollywood. By 2007, they had grown to 19 locations throughout the US and Canada and realized they needed to improve their music experience. They brought us in to create a highly tailored and unique sound to enhance their guest experience. They liked the flexibility and control of our system in order to address the various regional needs of the company.

In early 2009, like other businesses forced to adapt to the changing economy, Lucky Strike and The Playlist Generation analyzed how the music programming could be adjusted to keep customers in the lanes for longer periods of time. Dolf Berle, COO of Lucky Strike Lanes, states "when people are feeling great energy, and even inclined to break into spontaneous dancing, they stay longer and stay happier." In February, The Playlist Generation introduced a refreshed higher energy sound that has received positive customers reviews and increased bar sales.

Background music has a vital impact on the life and success of a business with a strong return on investment. A consistent musical strategy yields real results to your bottom line and improves customer and employee satisfaction while tying your brand message in at the experiential level.

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