The Playlist Generation

The Playlist Generation helps clients execute forward-thinking music initiatives like free downloads for customers, curated mp3 stores, mobile campaigns and more. For the past two years, The Playlist Generation has helped Jaguar use music to create a memorable, successful launch for last summer's XF and this summer's XFR models. The car features a surround sound stereo system that plays mp3s and has a flash drive slot.

The Playlist Generation worked with Jaguar to feature the intrinsic music properties of the car. During test drives with magazine editors, reviewers and customers, we created real-time mixes to go up and down with speed to the actual driving course. This music was placed on a Jaguar branded flash drive and given out to the guests. To keep the sound consistent through all event platforms, The Playlist Generation provided live DJs and background music for the test drive series and events with Vogue &GQ.

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